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Our Story

The Write Companion came into being to help support ALL the writers out there who have talent, creativity, and imagination. Here, at The Write Companion, you are teamed with an editor who not only has 25+ years of experience in the business, but is also a published author who knows the ins-and-outs of the industry.  


By hiring The Write Companion to edit your book, ghostwrite your book—or if you wish the full package, which includes a submission letter that will get you and your project noticed instead of ending up in the proverbial ‘slush’ pile—you’ll be hiring an editor that will also offer personal contact on a weekly basis, chapters sent back immediately so you do not have to wait for the manuscript to be completely finished before seeing that the work is being done, and a person who will listen to YOUR ideas, YOUR thoughts, and work for YOU.


Whether a diamond in the rough or a published author looking for the ‘shine’ that will enhance your manuscript, The Write Companion will work with you to create a flawless product.